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Kill Yourself (Part III)


It's not fair, I found love
It made me say that
Get back you'll never see daylight
If I'm not strong, it just might

They figure me a dead motherfucker
But I'm just a motherfucker that want to be dead
Snow leopard with the lead in his head
Turning me into a sweater
Bitches use me as their fucking bedspread
I be the silouhette of a sunset
Smoke a cigarette while I compress my depression
Stare into the violet fluorescent lights makes me violent
I'm trying to get the highest I can get
Before I overdose and die
My ribs are nothing but an empty cage
Black hole in my chest
Big bang
Yung Plague on the tip of a wave
In my head it feels like I'm a guest
So I will throw it all away
Because when I am dead
I will be nothing decomposing in a grave
I'm matter but I don't matter
I can feel my skull shatter from the dull chatter
Brain scattered on the wall
Grey stains won't dissolve
Going to have to paint it all

Always boasting my emotions
On how I'm so fucking broken
Think I'm joking
When I'm talking
About blowing my head open
Till the moment you walk in
And find my body motionless
Wrists slit
Thoughts of Slick keep falling in an open pit
Always burn my bridges
Cause I'd rather fall in ditches
If life's a game of inches
Then my dick has been the biggest
And my goal's to fuck the world
Until that motherfucker's twitching
Lane switchin
Same mission
To die and blame my addiction

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Written by: $crim / $lick $loth / Butterfly Boucher / Ruby Da Cherry. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Isac. Subtitled by Luís. Revised by 2 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.