when truth is relative the lies all seem to bleed together
and all becomes nothing for the heart of us has been let down

the war has risen as the enemy approaches
and he has made his methods clear
the heart of us is broken as we step into the flame
that he has deemed our final home

judge for youself the actions of those we wrongly call father

as the enemy forces his plans upon us
we must rise up and show our true allegiance
tolerance for a system of mass revision
must be extinquished and replaced with the heart of us

the key to your heart is the end of darkness
as it opens the door to another world

heaven is crying. look at what you've done

the fury of the fight is what needs to be instilled upon us all
reworded and abused, subjected and removed from what we should be today
resistance is all that we have left
the hope must never die as the heart of us will try to live on

heaven sheds a tear all for what you've done

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