I bid you come to me, I am your sanctuary
I will protect you from the stones they throw in malice
I am the morning star, the one you now see falling
I am the key to unlocking your new potential

see how they run in fear, see how they now will tremble
see how they burn away and feed your hungry demon soul
see how the power grows, see how the weak have fallen
see now why you must give yourself to the path they oppose

deceive them all, deceive the jokull masses
enslave them all, become their false messiah
you will absorb them all, you will become the power
and as the young will learn, they are the purest nectar
the face of gyan has long since passed away
let the owl possess you, moloch you will remain
your cremation of care will kill the light within you
your heart will die in time, your soul will never bleed again

and now you have jokull, you have your pawn cianan
you'll have vasilis as the day burns ever longer
do not be without fear, you are not yet immortal
your weakness lurks within the shadows you employ

the aura of a boy, a soul you can't destroy
a dread you must ignore or hope they will restore

retreating to the cursed land from wence I came
I've never felt a force that made my power fade

raise the dead! they now will serve you
raise the dead! this is your gift

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