the dragons rise from the land of lost beginnings
into a world that's long since looked and turned away
yet hope remains that we may find these phantoms
and show this world what they are still afraid to say

do not accept the answers given by those with evil bias
do not accept the truth they've come to in their delusions

tomorrow's time is doomed to be forsaken
as each day passes when we are forced to live in fear
for here we stand, our truth is our only shelter
from the hatred that spews forth from what they dread to hear

rise. we will arise. we will regroup. we will arise for this is not the end.

we will arise to fight the air of ignorance around us
we will not stray from battle, we will not fall victim
should we succumb to those forces that seek to destroy us
all hope will be forgotten, all truth will not be seen

and so we ride into the fray
on backs of dragons we will soar
we shall not fall, not on this day
we shall receive our great reward

the fight begins, the weapons clash
the enemy is falling fast
with mighty steeds of creatures past
our day of hope will come at last

the sun has set, the war is gone
our dead lay numbered on the ground
yet still we fight what can't be seen
our enemy cannot be found

no truth can stop the depth of misguidance
we're far too gone to ever overcome

the dragons fall beneath the heel of oppression
despite the power, the truth is a pill that will not be swallowed

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