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A Mythological Anticipation Of Omnipotent Immortality Enshrouds Our Vicious Conquest

Wolven Ancestry

Strike down, upon the unwarned swarm
The full moon lights the sky above
This wretched place shall burn into the night
We will enslave

ATTACK!! Spill their blood amongst the land
For Odin we shall fill these graves
Hear our battle cry

Engaged in combat
Crusade of Bloodshed
This blitzkreig will not end until everyone is dead

Our hordes have travelled across the ocean wide
War and hatred in our veins they will speak about the pain
That we have offered to our lord in Valhalla
Where we will rest in our next lives
Release the fury of our seige, they will taste our rage
The sound of steel through flesh is divine
To the drums we march onward strong

We march across the land to conquer those of unbelief
Our flames illuminate the night sky
Hearts filled with honour, towards our homeland to the north
We are the Norsemen

Through the gates, descending onward
The final strike is in initiation
I can taste of defeat
Sever their heads and hold them high, impale them onto pikes
THeir blood shall flow unto me with great ease

Starfire burning high above, guiding me into my fate of life or death
I take my place.... wherever I may lie I know I'm free
No pain as I am killed
In battle ive fallen, my mortal end has come
In afterlife Valhalla awaits the arrival of my spirit
Brought by the Valkyries to fight yet once again amongst the gods of the North
....of the North

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