The Fountain Of Ageless Growth, Lifeblood Of All Who Doth Bear The Spirit Of Gaia

Wolven Ancestry

As I kneel down to take one last breath I see....
Reflections in the mirrors of my epoch
My eyes now close to no longer see
Transcending of new growth and truth

Amongst the valleys of the long lost spirits I await the release
And find myself within the realms of mass alone

A world beyond all thought and time,
The throes of memories wither away
Great absolution at last.....
My soul at rest to wander free
The stars above our souls, containing the parallels of life

Of ageless growth and lifeblood of the spirit
At one with essence, REBORN!!

Nocturnal Visions Entrance

Ageless pleasures, renewal of subconcious desire
Ive tasted death and lived a life of dissolution and hatred
Forever waiting for death to save me from this hell

I close my eyes devoid of light I am your emptiness
So take my hand Ill guide you through the dark into the other side
Ill take away your pain, you no longer can shed your tears
Together we can taste the fruits of resolution so pure

All that weve ever learned is false and underlying
True knowledge lies beyond the grave.... the grave

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