Our Star-guided Journey To The Realm Of Neverending Life

Wolven Ancestry

I rise in vengeance
Sent by the spirits of fallen allegiance
Your flesh is worthless in this life (in this life)
Deviant of what you call life

The waves wash the blood ashore... this silence speaks
Creatures of the night inherit the land, soak it with the blood of our enemies
Let it be known that we are true
We shall divide the strong from the weak
At last... we can be free...
This guided journey shall bring us to almighty plains of existence
I raise my sword, and plunge it through your soulless heart one last time,
Reunited with death

Balancing the tables of life... I spit on your corpse
Foul rage streams through our veins
Cold... No emotion

Eternal wisdom from this never ending llife
Passed on through ages of the throne
This night is ours... foretold within our past
Scriptures which tell the fate of many souls

Comrades bring forth your wrath
Stain this soil with their blood... let them know that we are gods
So pitiful... their primal lives
A weakened state of inbred larvae
Blind, heads full of lies
Chosen to end their sufferning
Sent to destroy all weakened forms of life...
Triumph over death

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