Sometimes I feel like I don't know what to do
You run circles in my head to see if I will follow you
Oh now the joke's on you
I'm the one who's leaving you

Something's wrong
The feeling's gone and I start screaming
Never right, we always fight
I can't see my eyes are bleeding

Why do you do me when you know you are one too?
You know I'm one of your crazy/sentimental love-sick fools
Oh I know you are one too
Cause that is all you wanna do

Built my life on lies and rock'n'roll and to much commercial TV
Now that you've seen what I can do why do you just let go of me?
Oh my time doesn't come free
You know you are one too

Do do do-bi-do, I dreamt something new
What life would be like if I was simple just like the others
Built me a castle by your heart
so I could see your feelings and steal your thoughts
Built me a castle by your heart
so I could save the day and be a hero
oh my, here we go now

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