Photo of the artist Zambonie

Meadows & Straight Jackets


Oh, I know I think I'm losing my mind
This medication can't save me from myself this time
"Woo-hoo, that's cool"
Who is that talking to me?
I know that you're in my head
I know that this can't be real
I like you and your moods
and your words that all sooth
If I could silence all these voices
Make them smaller
I think I'm loosing it
like Frances Farmer

Woo-hoo, that's cool, let's forget about it
Today was odder than last
But every day is the same
Woo-hoo, that's cool, let's forget about it
I don't have a single care in the world today
I haven't felt this good in such a long long time

Use a corset to squeeze you out of my head
Forget / block out every single word you said
"Woo-hoo, it's true, I'm not your fool"
I've got no reason for this
I've got no reason for Blues
I like you, and your shoes,
And your "Fonzie-like" cool
Your Velcro-straps, polyester/flannel shirts
Make me feel safe, make me feel much better

Woo-hoo, let's forget about it…

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