Up in the early morning
Headache rings
No no can't get you off
My mind
My problems
All combine
My hope's up
As the phone rings
Once again
No no
It's not you again
I guess i'll be allright
I know this seems crazy
Right now i cannot go that far
I think that we should
Try it again someday
But right now it's
Too hard
6 more minutes
6 more minutes
6 more minutes
6 more minutes
The night starts off right
I forgot how it feels
To be liked
So so
I stay a few miles away
She walks high
In my
She walks high
In my mind
In my mind
6 more minutes till i fall in love
No way i'll get over her
6 more minutes
Just to hear her voice
God you know it hurts
To let her go

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