Photo of the artist Zen Babies

Cry Joy Tears Of Fear

Zen Babies

Do you believe me when i tell you
I can fly in my dreams at
The sound of your sweet name you know
I miss you and you should
Know you deliver my love in a shade of blue
This one's all for you
Took a walk and i figured out nothing
At all what is our purpose it's up to us to figure out
We took the road up hill and
I wonder why sometimes there's not another way
We drove to town that night with the windows down
So low caring free you were to me
The sweetest thing that you could
Be did you feel it too nrevous inside
When i looked in your eyes did not know
You would love me too you
I hold in my arms tonight
I can't remember the last time
I failed to see in your eyes
The cry joy tears of fear
And we came upon a river now
We need to build a bridge just to build a bridge

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