I wish you'd just come back home please
for one more time maybe this time we'll
agree but your simple thoughts confuse me

Today I stepped off the porch gazed
the country sky then took glance at
the leaves with ease they were turning
for fall I took walk down the dirt road
saw the same trees and the way they lean
at the end of the path I found our sign yes
the place first time that we stared the stars
I saw the dim light in your eyes everything
same cool air smile of this beautiful world
but you're not here It's the little things
I miss like the lines around your eyes when
you smile yeah your smile and the way you
laugh out loud with every little thing that
crosses your mind girl there's something
about your eyes lifts me every time when
I want to cry and will you call me you
don't know how many times I dialed half your number
stopped after five cause
I don't know what you'll say
This kiss right here I'll never forget it,
and I don't know what you'll
say that late night talk was so hard and
I don't know what you'll say last words are mine
I wish I could find them and
I don't know what you'll say standing here
all alone with nothing to claim my own and
I don't know what you'll say
Here we go I got there late knowing you
for sure you'll stay eyes met each other
knew it wouldn't be another second till
I'm in your arms and I'm in your arms
and its been so long and its been so long here
we go you take me to another room in the house
sit me on the bed spit out words
like before like you miss me and you love me and
I miss you too and I love you too

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