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Without Your Love


I don´t want to be without your love
Cuz you´re the only one I'm thinking of baby
I´m afraid to live without your love
So baby don´t you go away (2x)

These feelings I have inside my soul
Theres no words that can describe
The way that you hold me
The way that you need me
The way that you make me feel when I'm with you

In the heat of the night I call your name
And you set me on fire like a burning flame
From the moment you touched me my heart beat fast
And my passion wants to take control


As the sun goes down, and I close my eyes
All my dreams they are of you
There filled with emotions and visions that keep me,
Keep me reminded of the life we share
When I´m alone I imagine how it would be
If there was never a "you" to care for me
No one else could make me feel this way
So i´m never gonna let you go


Los sentimentos que tengo en mi corazon
No hay manera de describir
Como me sostienes
Y me necesitas
La manera que me haces sentir
Nadie mas en mi vida me dara
El amor que ofreces sin cesar
Durante tiempos deficil
Conte en ti
Te amare por enternidad


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Written by: Angelina Camarillo / Gonzalo Arturo Molina. Isn't this right? Let us know.