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(Check Out) The Book


God has got a plan, and He always had it.
He's revealed it to man
‹ very, very simple If you wanna find out
‹ check out the Book Heaven is found in between the covers.
Take a look around; is there any other Book that's like the Bible?
Check out the Book Check out the Book,
Check out the Book How can the world just say the Bible isn't true
They never think to read the Book the whole way through
But we say, na na na na ...
Check out the book!
Existentialist people've never read it, but there's just one way,
So they reach a dead end Should have got the map out
‹ check out the Book Make your arguments, but I recommend
Before you take your stance, make sure that you've read it
Study for the test, man ‹ check out the Book Try to understand: you can go to Heaven.
It's a sure-fire plan, guaranteed forever
What are you afraid of?
Check out the Book

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