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Are You Going To Be Ike's Girl


Go! It's a-1-2-3
Abraham said, "Come with me
Because it looks like time
For my little son to take a wife"
He said, "Go look and find him
A pretty one to make his wife
Now for Isaac
C'mon and get there quick
Now he don't need nobody here
Go look back where I wooed his mommy
Be back soon, long way there,
Please go sweep in and get that girl!"
Well, I can't be Chuck Woolery
The Bachelorette's in another land, yeah!
I'm no Gene Rayburn; I should pray Before Isaac's Elimidate, yeah!
I said, "Lord, who's gonna be Ike's girl?"
Well, I went toute de suite
Then my camels stopped to drink
Here comes a girl so fine and she gives 'em water, ain't she nice
I said, she took some time and she did just what I prayed she might
In 24 Genesis, I pondered this a bit
I put a nose ring upon her
And some bracelets and … Boo-yah!
I think that's who
The Lord brought here
We shall see what Rebekah says:
"Now I can lead you home with me. Bethuel is my father's name, yeah!
I know he may have much to say before I play your Dating Game!"
I said, "Are you gonna be Ike's girl?"
Now I don't need Eharmony; Bethuel gave his daughter's hand, yeah!
Ike loves Rebekah - what a babe -- He's 40 years old anyway, yeah!
But she's Ike's girl, she's Ike's girl
R-E-Bekah she's Ike's girl, yeah

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