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Born Above


Born above - (born to run)
In the day he went about on the streets doin' run of the mill pharisee things
At night he met with his master the lord and said "show us what you mean"
I'm a sage but you're highly divine
Your wisdom's respected
You're second to none top of the line
Oh, jesus said if you're born from above you can give that
You can go around magic gotta get it while you're young
But you can't find much, baby 'til you're born above
That's what he told them
Then he said to them you must be born again if you want god to increase your vision
Just like the wind blows just where it wills, the same thing happens to christians
You never see it make its path
But somehow you know - baby whenever it blows past
Oh, you walk with me out on the water
'cause baby i can prepare you to know the father if you wanna know here's the deal
You must become a little child if you wanna know that god is real
Oh let me show you
John 3:3 yeah
Beyond this planet heaven's got a home seems like it's really far
The world's unaware but it's really near and you don't have to look so hard
The amusing part is it's there in your heart yet somehow out of reach in your midst
You'd either die with your dignity or you'd wait to die an everlasting death huh
One, two, three, four
The highway's jammed with folks who's experience is gonna get them burned alive
Well everybody was on the road to god but there's no way there but mine
To get there nicky we can live at this address
I'll scrub you of all the badness in your soul
Oh, someday when you're born again
You're gonna get to that place you really wanna go
And you'll walk with the son
But 'til then can't find much
Baby 'til you're born above
Come on honey
Can't find much
Baby 'til you're born above
Come on nicky
Can't find much
Baby 'til you're born above

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