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Catch That Fever!


Well, I don't when He's comin',
but the Lord will come.
I hope He's comin' for me
And He says that if we're lukewarm
then He'll just spit us out
In Revelation Chapter 3
We need to catch that fever!
Catch that fever!
Well, He told them go into the into the world,
but they didn't go
He prob'ly wondered what they were waitin' for
Then the church got persecuted and the next thing you know
They busted open all the doors
We need to catch that fever!
Catch that fever!
Acts kind of fever!
Catch that fever!
Listen to Jesus!
He said He came to bring a fire to the earth
Wish it was started, a long time ago --
What do you think about His words?
Have you ever really burned?
LEAD Well, the church was gettin' kicked around in Acts chapter 4
They got together and prayed
And they asked the Lord for boldness to go preachin'
His word I think we need that today

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