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A Night In Dildo

The Arrogant Worms

Oh Newfoundland, oh Newfoundland
An island in the sea
I love you oh so very much
I'd join the ministry

To show the people ‘round the rock
When tourist season's here
Although in my opinion
It's a gem throughout the year

Well if you're one for swimmin'
Don't think it's out of reach
You can go and take a dip along Grosse Water Beach
I know the name's misleadin'
That's quite a problem here
Instead let's go to Goobie's and have ourselves a beer

From Woody's Point to Come-by-Chance to good old Fairyland
Come take a look at Gander, Blackhead's mighty grand
Don't let their names deceive you
Newfoundland's mighty fine
So spend a night in Dildo if you think you've got the time

Well you can go to Blow-Me-Down
Before it gets too dark
Oh sorry ma'am, I should've said
That's our provincial park

There's also Whippet Harbor
Or maybe Butterpot
Or maybe I'll just hit the pub,
I'm feeling like a shot.

Well you can sail at Quidi Vidi
And look at Joe Batt's Arm
There's Placentia and there's Cow Head (moo)
They're so full of charm!

Get married down in Kilbride
Have a party in Hate Bay
Or have some screech in Fogo and forget about the day


Drinking Verse:
-raa ra ra . .etc.


So spend a night in Dildo if you think you've got the time (x3)

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