Kings fought for wisdom for truth and love
And they watched for a sign sent from above
Blind to the fact that it was hidden in plain sight
Hopeless to find their soulful light

Can you hear the bells
Ringing like screams
Can you hear the sound
Filling up your dreams
Can you feel the gears
Spinning in your head

Will you choose to stay
Or leave instead
Sometimes the clockwork in my mind
Synchronizes with yours in time
Now you can forget what I've done wrong
Because our clockwork is spinning on
I fought for something I couldn't know
It took me too long to let it go
Depending on you was too much to ask
When finding myself was its own hard task

Please forgive me
I've caused enough pain
You can't save me
I've lost my own game
So I'm dusting off
This old machine
I call a heart
I'm coming clean
And putting cogs
Back in their place
And wiping my shame
Right off my face

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