Photo of the artist Aviators

Here Come The Ravens


I heard the cries of an orphan
Mourning the passing of time
I felt pain
Seep from the blood's absolution
Bled once by wonders divine
I am amazed
Left in the ruins of greatness
And I'll keep their nightmare alive
Fighting in vain
We are the fiends in the shadows
And I am the beast that survived

Here come the ravens
To take what is mine
Their watching eyes
Waiting for the rest of me to die
Here comes the reaper
That hides from the light
Still hunting for
The heart that's still beating inside
For these ravens to find

Tossed in a well long forgotten
The duty I had to fulfill
I can't remember
Why I became a lost dreamer
For vengeance, or for the next kill
Locked in a tower
I'll cut away what I've done
From the rest of the dreamers outside
Cursed in a portrait
Made of this Hunter's regrets
Of the mother I drowned in the tide

Weep for the master that made me
And the raven that heard my last breath
Long have the hunters pursued me
And tonight I'm your angel of death
Fire, blood, and desire
Lost in the mire
In desolation
Lies, all of us die
And even now, I
Am left to the ravens

Here come the ravens
To bury my pride
They're hunting me
And trails of my sorrow behind
Here comes the new blood
Where secrets should lie
To find rest
Where dreamers and beasts go to die

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