All alone
Do you know what it's like to hold a throne
In a kingdom of despair
I crashed and burned
Turned to stone by a lesson learned
But I'm about to clear the air

Forget about the words I said
They were just the voices in my head
I don't have to listen to them anymore
I gave into a darker side
But now I've got nothing left to hide
I'll crash and rebuild the world before
I declared war

It's never been
My goal to see you through the end
But I'm going to try and change
I think I've found
The strength to turn my life around
Perhaps this monster can be tamed

And I
There's times I feel it burning in my chest
My soul
For something darker than sublime
I can't

Visiting the victims death has kissed
I can (I can't)
I will (I won't)
I'll try (they'll die)
To cope (I hope)
To save (to kill)
Protect (for thrill)
And never (ever)
Forget (forgive)

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