Dripping ink
Dripping ink
Baby says she likes it pink
Screaming when I think of you

Dripping me
Dripping you
Have we really thought this through?
Running round like horses do

This is for your dog
This is for your cat
Give this to your mom
Now where the doctor's at?
This one's gonna hurt
This for when you drive
You are gonna love the sweetness I prescribe

If I fall and lose my mind
Pick me up and I will shine
Since it's obvious I'm on to you
Can I call you anytime?
If I fall and lose my head
Baby hold me close instead
'Cause I'm stuck underneath
All these covers and sheaths
Can you get me out of bed?

Zip it up
Zip it up
You're my favorite buttercup
Smilin' when I think of you

Layin' low
Layin' low
Baby's gotta let me go
Lettin' go is hard to do

This is for the stars,
This is for the sun
This is for the times you wish you owned a gun
This one's for the road
This one's gonna sting
Baby seems I've gone and lost my wedding ring

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