Whatch your step, come on man you making all this noise, man.
Hush up. Alright this the spot right here. Right here?
You got the explosives? Yeah i got it. Now this gonna get it hot, right?
Its gonna blow this mutherfucker up. Im sayin is this gonna be blazing?
Nigga, this gonna be on the news. On the news? Gonna be on the news.
Ok, show me what you got. Whats that? You dont hear that? Man, now you just trippin, man.
Show me what you got. I got this fuse right here. Man, that short, b.
Pull it out and just light the mutherfucker. Aight, aight, come on. Ok here we go.
Cup your hand around it, its windy out here. I got it just light it. Aight, come on.
Come on quit fucking around. Shut up, shut up. Come on.
Yeah, thats what im talking about, fuck em.

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