This is me, black and most hated in all fifty, from genocide to swastikas and right wing comities. This is me, a witness to governmental conspiracy over crowded cells bleed addicts, to feed my streets. This is me, the one aryan nation wanna touch, burn my church, set me up, hog tie and wet me up, and at the same time, my own block hold a nine, with a bullet with my name in case i go against the grain. America sleeps while children play with cybersex, and my neighbors hard to love, cause i know he child molest, money manifest the greed, greed manifest the murder, murder manifest revenge to hold the cycle of the sin, but...

i shot lucifer, christ compelled me, christ compelled me, we bring the truth to light shocked the world with it, i shocked the world with it, a governmental conspiracy to murder me this is me, in the united states of amnesia, your state of the union don't address me, when my block is in a seizure. This is me, the revolution televised in this century, millennium armageddon, every time you hear em mention. This is me, i fight holy wars with the dot coms, race wars in modern vietnam they yellin. This is me, i circle yo intrigue, i'm standing at the foot of martial law and i watch my homies bleed. America sleeps and money got the kids impressed, put the president in jail he in office having sex, politicians aint real, mother fuck the police, in the cells on the inside and jails in the streets, but....

Repeat chorus
i am the alpha to the 7th power, omega in its last hours, electrical towers and media showers all get devoured, exposed the cowards, chaos and power, the devil is yours the lord is ours.

Repeat chorus

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