Intergalatic gas surrounds the core of the solar, now i'm born a supernova, i blow your mind to bipolar. I switch my level from the degrees of lava back to the surface of the solar holding torches with the rage of iatola. I snar trap the farenhite, and ignite electrolites, now i hold the aftermath of pipe bombs and backdrafts. My lyricisim holds your mind like a pharoah, so i command m.c.'s to burn to the 3rd degree then proceed to burn marrow. I'm the arsonist who confuse tools criminologist use. Lighter fluid lace my vocal tone, the flame is the chaperone. Don't engage the sundweller, firestarter from the cellar. I scorch the outerlimits and fossilize all ligaments, i'm flammable.

this situation is fire, arsenic live wire, dont intervine when im standing in the kerosene times about to expire, will i ever retire,i got a scheme with the lighter and the gasoline i crave to misbehave with heat waves and laser rays, lightning storms leave you torn and send debis airborn. Protective fire suits and gas mask to comply, when the live arsonist improvise and optimise, the method to immobilise and victimize. Witness hells architect, spit brimestone dialect, with nitrogen concepts i blow your manuscript to level x. Unlimited carnage supply when i the human scorch, blow torch your front porch, and do it twice like gemini. Volcanic bandit insane, with the rapid fire propane, my c-4 is qualified, cloud of ashes fill the sky, choice of fuel acid rain, blow your mind from subterrain, i return to supernova baptise in the solar.

Repeat chorus
i rain fire, i burn live wires and cause friction, spit flames that will give your brain addictions. I cross lines like crucifixions with celcius degrees and temperatures that will lock in position. Its my dereliction, when im inside your jurisdiction shut'em down and lock'em out like evictions, arsonic heat no restrictions, verbal backdrafts of demolition never programmable im flammible.

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