I liquefy mics. I could write a rhymne with my conscience that could perform an exorcism, with no responses.
My verbal calligraphy, is the bible for MCing, so when I test your ability, I remain to stay flammable.
Prophecize lyrics into the books of deuteronimy. Turning my rhymes into affidavits, symbolizing astronomy, see?
As I recessitate mics, I'm giving out complimentary dictionaries and thesaurus's for my chorus's.
Calculators, for the verses that I unscripted, obituaries for MC's who try to battle the gifted, see?
My lyricism has aggravate criticism with a felt tip for the capital punishment we invent, keep it.
Optimistic, benevolent. For the dead, the greaven, the benevolent, the ignorant, the intelligent, for embellishment.
Eliminate my adversaries, and become zenith, cause they all watch me, they watch us.
Who's your God?

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