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Time To Go

Black 47

Saw something in the paper just the other day,
it was all about a band and the music that they play
black 47 advocates violence,
musical guerillas in their terrorist alliance
my anger subsided when i realised the source
an english rag and i said "oh, of course"
it didn't shock me, cos my history
tells me eight centuries of this, see...
anytime anyone upsets the status quo
you're stabbed in the back by the so-called liberal whores
i know this much, this much i know...
people are's time to go.
it's time to go.

they tell me i don't understand cos i'm american
but unlike them, i've been to northern ireland
needless to say, i was not impressed,
to tell you the truth, it left me feeling real depressed.
soldiers with guns all over the place
aiming them right at my little kid's face
an innocent child, two years of age,
don't ask me as to the reason for my rage
they just don't care about over there
when i say something they cry "no fair"
i know this much, this much i know
people are's time to go.
it's time to go.

i support one thing, that one thing is peace
peace with justice and the troubles will cease
british rule totally fucked up the place
treats us like we're an inferior race
pat and mike jokes on the bbc
face it, you're racist, all you're missing are the white sheets.
you keep on lying, i won't stop trying
i won't step off til my people stop dying
whether or not you choose to agree
i guess that's why you're called the nme...
i know this much, this much i know
people are's time to go.
it's time to go. get the fuck out!

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