Humanity has weakened far and deep past redemption
There has been no hope seen from any Prophets divinations

There is a desolate current
Running in continual horror
A fate planned even before Tiamat was severed
The age of genocide has recalled primordial omens
To lay a grotesque siege over misshapen souls
A message has been coded in the wise Hawk-Headed Warrior
Crude tales of men have misguided demons spells

Judge the enigmatic star of the deep one
Ruptured the tomb of the sunken city
Exspells the eternal rest of Death
Open the spheres to the aweful specters

This world is unclean
This world is oblivion
Dead masters of the blackened stars
Come to us in earth crushing vengeance

We speak the rites to rot this planet into the core
Humanity is a failed experiment
And now the terrible Qlipoth
Tunnel the punishment the gruesome light of the end

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