Ninhursag: A Dark Breeder

Blood Storm

Seven dark days approach us
And the royal Throne of Anu vanished
Into the vicious terrors of the Igigi gate
The fate of the Sacred Fifty
Is locked in the phantasmal underworld

Before the eyes of a dark God
Exterior evocation through Osirius
Ninhursag breeds the hero of Agga
My Sagarat Spell has channeled the Digitaria Serpents

The Daughters of Bowstar engrave my soul
Deeply within the Hellhound of Dagon
I am the protector of their blood
I shall bind the riddle of the silver flame
This hunger of the void deceivers
Is raising the Helix of the Serpents fang
A dynasty of destruction
Together we shall shake the earth in mortal dread
Ceremonial sages are sacred by Orthuthus

Jackal Knights beluge the Hydra Winds
The chronic assembly of unimaginable race
Commander of the Celestial prisms
Shapeshifters of the mindburning tunnels

Make us all journey to the Hundred-Headed Hero
Dissolving the terrible gate upon the primordial beats
These Amphibious stranger of the majestic hill
Ninhursag a dark breeder

Dark rites have eaten the passages to no end
Dark weapons breahted out the demons of Ki
Digitaria tribes burn to stardust and bleed the sky
And on these dark days that are upon us
Escape the tantrums of the Janus-Headed Beasts
Herohunter of the Ninhursag
Our fate of the end complete

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