Death By The Storm Wizard

Blood Storm

I am the age of Death
Soothsayer of the post-Maatian age
I am the tempest of elements
Thunderbeast of the Daathian gate
I am the current set of Typhon
Teacher of the triple fire tongue
I am the system of transplutonic realms
Serpent assassin of Yuggothian Magi

Field of Zothyrian beams surround me
Crown of Kylxuss the chaos of infinity
Stormspells born of Aossic elemental fury
Avenging eyes of Horus burn the Death I see

And at the edge of perpetual night
A gleam of treacherous slayers consume the skies
By the oath of the gates abominations unite
With endless rage I am the bloodthundering commander
Death by the Stormwizard
Death by the Stormwizard

I am the formula of the Ophidians
Pestilent venoms of the kalas of space
I am the winds of Nibiru
Stellar curse of the un-namable race
I am the trident of Oannas
Power of the Draconian intelligence
I am the Stormwizard of Ancients return
Qlipothic terrors of genocide upon the world

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