Imzaari Exrih: The Negative Zone of Kylxuss

Blood Storm

Imzaari Exrih The negative zone of Kylxuss
Imzaari Exrih The fearsome abomination
Imzaari Exrih Are you the dark eye of Sirius
Imzaari Exrih Are you the heart of Cerberus
Imzaari Exrih Does Death enter your gate
Imzaari Exrih Can your spells conceal the Lost Dead

Are you the breeder of stellar beasts
Consume souls with inhuman hate
Is the seal of olden times
Sunken into the currents of the spoiled flesh

Can you kill Death
By the hypnotic wave of your hand
By your formula do you bind evil in the sorceror
Does your current of black and red
Ravage the womb of the Arachian Goddess of Space

Does the cosmos end at your ghastly light
Will sickness fall over the earth
When your tongue lashes out in horror

Imzaari Exrih Will the chains be lifted
Imzaari Exrih From the frozen tomb of Chuthulu
Imzaari Exrih Is there a pact sacred
Imzaari Exrih That has fallen with Atlantis
Imzaari Exrih Is there a dead God
Grinning at us who's face is a mass of entrails

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