Vybz Kartel(V), Bounty Killer (B), Wayne Marshall (W)

(V): Up to the time u kno its Wayne Marshall vybz Kartel and d warlord
(B): Angry
(V): And u know we been to the vineyard and bring it straight 2 d weedyard
(B): Herbalist lead out u know its warlord, wayne marshalll and vybz kartel in the weedhouse, bushweed get weed out
(V): Up 2 d sky

Judging by the red in my eyes
You must realise
Dat I'm feeling high so high
Judging by the spliff and the size u must realise
We're up in the skies the skies

Verse 1
(B): Yaallow mi eye red like a car brakelight
(V): Mine swell up like seh mi get a straight right
(B): Mi spliff big like dandymite (dynamite)
(V): 2 how mine big if light gone mi no need candlelight
(B): Kartel weed nice when u leave it overnight
(V): But be careful of the dwarf weh mess with snow white
(B): Mi bun a weed a orange hill a night, mi smoke it and flow the promised land b4 the isrealites


Verse 2
(B): Don't style rob d herbs as drugs
(V): Warlord Marshall and Kartel a thugs
(B): Anybwoy weh coke and crack out dem a gugs
(V): Dem nyam karen fi cow foot?
(B): We no nyam weh no cook
(V): Gyal fi open like book
(B): Its love
(V): From the weed seed to the blossom to the bud
(B): From the bud to to the weed spot to the club
(V): Wha 50 woulda seh?
(B): Come gimme a rub is like give it a hug

Chorus 2
Wigh I feel so high to touch the sky
I'm floating by by high high high
High I feel so high to touch the sky
I'm floating by by high high high high high high high high

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