Cross, Gladiator, huh
Generally speaking, Could neva war dem forsaking
Yuh know its Warlord di 5 star general
Di ghetto gladiator, I came for the paper
Passa passa dont stay for later
Marchin in to war, people dead
Wah happen to dem bwoy a nuh McCoy
Nuh bwoy can chat when di Warlord walk
Fool caan chart when di Warlord talk
Place lock dun when di Warlord rock
Bomb juss when Warlord waan shot
Tough like a stone that a Warlord heart
Shot bwoy dome dat a Warlord knack
Copper plus chrome dat Warlord pack
Tell mi, gunshot when Warlord want
(Verse 1)
Bare big machine di general buss
Million dollar work when wid di general crush
Millions a anybody general flush an a bare hot gyal waan di general touch
Diss badman yuh mussi unconscious
Tink weh mi fire mek batty tun dust
Weapon a mass destruction an such juss one button press an a city dem bucks
Gangsta weh nah tek drape up an lush
No apology, no sorry no hush
Bwoy violate mi nah hitty nah crush
Weh mi bun dem
Dem caan touch
(Verse 2)
Face nyam dirt, pon di ground
Mi gun see inna concert den come di dumb
Man a badman from mi a million young
War mi nuh chase shit dutty hand tongue
Two things mi trust well a God an mi gun
Dem try fi tame but could not overcome
One try fi run but him couldnt escape it too late
Sink now a pussy it cum
Di war juss begun, mi nah spare none
When gun fire mi nuh care who get bun
Bun dem up, Dexton stand up an run from di marshall
Leave, dem letta fi gun
Yuh know its Warlord di head of state
Yo, all a tek a bait an elevate
Hey yo yallow, can yuh relate
Its di 5 star general, marchin in to di war
These fools, walk in too far
Yuh know its Warlord
I got di metal
Cross, Angry, well
Cross, they angry, its Rodney, huh

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