eh yo, gal, go get your friends (a big tune)
bimma friends, ???
lord a mercy, eh yo, widout a delay
si di gal dem a bromwel scare dem everyday (wha time is it?)
gal dem a seh, dem waan do it scare dem way
some guy nah no use an intend to pay
by out dem way das why di gal dem stray
widout a delay an come checki one day
dis is wha dem seh, yeh
dat's how wi do it, wi hafi have a gal pon friday
a nuh busy, wi have a different gal everyday yeh yeh
so wi wuk dem ina di scare dem way
so mi sing
girls waah fi know us, who are so famous
stick to di gal dem like starkie an hutch
nah call dem bitch like big puppa an puff
a wi di gal dem a bomb rush
a wi di gal dem a falla so wi nah fi gi dem a dollar
fi mi style dem mi gal a halla gal a fool upon mi color
have mi eyes a spin ina mi head likka propeller
whole heap a ting dem talk an tell mi likka story teller
hey di one weh name munchenella
bromwell exit wid di one cinderella
wi si gal a run wi dung a passport an visa
hug up scare dem so wi jus cyaan leave ya
cah wi a pleaser, a wi nuh teaser
scare dem a de gal dem healer
gal a phone wi yard seh dem waah wi jingle
wid scare dem dem waah mix an mingle
gal surround wi like some diamond bangle
gal attack wi from every angle
jen have di wine wi have di candle
gal from ??? waah come bruk wi dung
wi si gal from new york, miami a come
england gal waah come pack wi dung
dem a come dem a come
so mi sing
dem si mi car, an dem si mi bike it a come
dem nah fi aks, a pure gal a run mi dung
gal from new york, an dc dem a come
dem a come dem a come
dandimite sing
gal a e-mail mi from way a vancouver
waah scare dem becah dem know dem nuh user
gal a gi mi access to a lexus cruiser
some try, end up ina looser
de gal dem love my style dem admire mi profile
gi dem a one smile di gal dem get wild
ready fi tek oil, bring di scare dem child
sharpen dem tings good, wid mi bedroom file
wet up dem top soil, an de gal dem some waah spoil
ongle ting dem come an a do, bride dem wid coil
performance time come, an dem a freestyle
an drop dung a di first mile
das why dem tek di election fi scare dem selection
de gal dem seh some boy quit di reach election
cyaan suit di gal dem so dem puttin' up sanction
dem want affection, dat a dem option
how shi look so good mi haffi gain a fraction
de gal dem seh some bwoy noting but destruction
all over de world gal waah scare dem attention
a mussi fatal attraction
hey di one weh name munchenella
an her sista weh dem call cinderella
di one mi si under di versaci umbrella
an shi leave mi a go check angela
??? from di one anabella

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