Is it soft? Is it soft?
Coco B, R&R
And Bounty Killer
Refugees Productions
Black John on the Sound
C'mon Let's Run

It's A Party (Show Love)
Let's get together (C'mon down)
Make it happen (Let's make it happen yo)
Feel much better (Feel this)
There'll be no shooting (Hold it down)
At each other (Hold it down)
It's a party (Why? Cause the Killa said so)

Verse 1-
Cocoa Brovaz-
In a smoke filled room
Banging my favourite tune
Play it loudly
Soldiers around me
Getting Rowdy
Coco B's and Bounty
We mash the Party
Then flee the county
Country to Country
Come see the Nazi from the refugee
All Star in the clup pay the V.I.P.
Show me love BCC in the double tree
Rap star at the bar pour bottles of bubbly
We MCs rocking box like Run-DMC
Spread love with my peeps and my family
S-T double E, Smokey he run with me
Tail flowers cover me that's my PNC's and


Verse 2-
Party going on from night till day
Full attention is what the ladies
Things weh we say the girls dem obey
Cause dem never yet party dis way
Ladies come over if you wanna play
I'll be at your service right away
All when mi old and mi hair dem grey
Anyweh di party deh mi ah deh deh


Verse 3-
Cocoa B's and Bounty-
Baby wanna dub wit me
Get me answer to the club seasoned grub on me

Well I'll be sippin Henesee up in the V.I.P.
And I'm just trying to stay alive like a Refugee
Smoking black trees with Coco B

Wave King Rock checker for a Walabees
And all the thugs with me
Get in the club for free
You gotta respect these

Ghetto Celebrities

Cause we party from Jamaica back to NYC


Verse 3-
Step inna the party girls a push and shove
Tell dem guy bye-bye dem madly in love
And a approach fi wi kisses and hugs
Kiss off we cheek till dem lipstick smudge
Wanna be a member of the fan club
Sketel ah wink mi but mi neva budge
How much hot gal mi have ah melt like fudge
Addicted to this like it is hard drugs
Nuff man ah cus cause them filled with grudge
Why they wanna harm me I'm a refugee thug
Just because the girls like the way we does
When wi a chat dem nuff


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Written by: D. Yates Jr. / Rodney Price / T. Williams / Wyclef Jean · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Felipe
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