Intro: This is the Poor People Governor speaking. And when I'm speaking make sure you are listening. The things I say no-one can say it is a lie cause it's everybody's cry. Mr singer-man sing it out..


Wooh ooh ooh ooh, yuh nuh see seh everybody a cry, Wooh ooh ooh

Wooh ooh ooh, and yu don't have to wonder why

Wooh ooh ooh

Verse 1

How do yuh feel when yuh have yuh meal

and the people outta street can't find food fi eat?

It nuh pretty inna di city, what a pity

Things tricky get sticky cause di place under heat.

How yuh fi send out frustrated police

fi go try keep the peace

when di violence increase?

A hungry man is an angry man

me did a tell dem inna mi song from nineteen how-long

The people dem fed-up for dem nuh have no food fi eat.

Right now a desperation meck so much corn a beat.

The only way to bring back Jamaica

Is to put some more food pon dem plate yah


Verse 2

When mi do certain tune and mi chat certain tings

a dat di people dem a chat outta road (serious ting)

And mi don't fraid fi talk

mi a talk from mi heart dem tings ya yuh fi know (serious ting)

Hurry up and do sumpt'n cah yuh just nah do nutten

No dollars nah flow

Now di people dem a meck up noise

For dem realise yuh telling pure lies.


Tell mi what's your views when yuh watch the news

And see the whole of sweet Jamaica tunin in a danger zone?

A nuff Jamaican's deh a foreign seh dem doan like the system

Dem fraid so dem nah come back home

Seh dem nuh like the vibes whe down a Yard.

Dem prefer tan abroad

Dem rather live inna di cold

Dem run away from di sunshine

Dem seh police and bad bwoy a blow too much carbon


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