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Don't Get What You See

Boyz N Girlz United

It's so hard for me to be just what you see
On E! or MTV you don't get what you see
At home I don't dress up, I don't fix my hair so what
Won't let me spend too much
You don't get what you see

I'm an ordinary girl doin what I like
I don't spend my time the way you think I do
With all the flash and flare, glam and glitz, nose in the air
I'm just an average girl doin my thing for you

So if you think you see something other than me
Don't believe the hype it's not right
I'm just me, I'm just me
Just me, just me

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So by now I know you see this is really me
Nothing more or less, this is all you get from me
I roll with my same old friends, been with me through thick and thin
Don't wanna live my life so the whole world can see

I hope my point is clear, I want the world to hear
That I'll stay the same, never change
I'm just me, I'm just me
Just me, just me

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Now you must realize what I display for you
It's the real from the heart, so I must be true
Understand I'm the boy with the girls you like
So I'm my thing, but remember don't believe the hype
On the side I'm the same man with the same 'tude
Hang with my friends and let's fight the rule
Everything you see is a fashion rule
But the truth is that I'm bein real with you

You can't believe everything that you see
My life ain't make-believe
It's not all fun and games
Not caught up in the fame
I thought you heard me when I said
I'm just me, I'm just me

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