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Light Of Love

Boyz N Girlz United

You brought me love
Brought me light
You came and made everything all right
Finally, the light of love is shining down on me

I had felt so low
Low as I could go with no one to rescue me
I was tired of being abused, tired of being used
Only darkness, the sun went down on me
But then you shined love's light it brightened the way for me
You brought

(repete refrão)

Now all I know is love
And it's you I'm thinking of as the reason why
Now I believe I can fly cause your love makes me high
And I realize there's so much love in me
No way I could ever lose this heaven
As long as your love keeps shining

(repete refrão)

How could I ever show you whatcha mean to my life
You showed me that I could love again

(repete refrão 3x)

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