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That's What You Get

Boyz N Girlz United

Imagine you, imagine me
I got a feeling I know how it's gonna be, yeah
With just a kiss and then a touch
That leads to everything I want so much
So when your ready baby just say the word, yeah
I'll give you everything I know you deserve
Oh girl you've never really been loved before
So let me tell you, I got what you're waiting for

Someone to give you, all that you need
Someone to love you, That's what you get with me
Someone to show you, how good it can be
Make no mistake about it that's what you get with me

Boy, take my hand
Don't be afraid
Your heart is something I could never break
And know for sure, without a doubt
That you got something I never want to live without

So when you close your eyes and drift off to sleep

Drift off to sleep

I wanna be the one who's there in your dreams

There in your dreams

And when you wake up boy with love on your mind

Just call my name and I'll tell you whatcha gonna find

(repete refrão)

Girl I heard in love there's no guarantees
But I promise you just as long as I breathe
I'll give to you a love so true
All you have to do is do it
Come on baby, let's get to it

(repete refrão 2x)

That's what you get with me

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