Is there someone else you want?
Are you playing with my heart?
That's what they say, they say
The word is out on you
Heard you're out there doing your do
That's what they say, they say

How do I begin?
I heard it from a friend
Said they saw you with some other girl
And baby only you can tell me the truth
Someone's lying don't let it be you

If you've got it in your heart that you wanna be free

Be a man, let me know
Don't make a fool outta me

A little birdie told me that you were on your out

You can just fly away cuz the word is out

(repete refrão)

I'm getting tired of what I'm feeling
Rumors going around just what I was fearing
Tell me the truth do you like it with two?
But I don't live to play, so baby be on your way

Easy come, easy go if I gotta let you know

That won't be too hard, baby if you've been untrue

Is your love just too much to give only to me, girl?

If it's so, I gotta move on
I'm leaving your world

(repete refrão)

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