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This Cowboy's Hat

Chris LeDoux

I was sittin in a coffe shop
Having a cup to pass the time
Swappin Rodeo stories
With this ol' Cowboy friend of mine

Some motorcycle riders startin snickering int he back
Started pokin fun at my friends hat
One ol' boy said: Hey Tex, where'd ya park yer Horse?
My friend just pulled his hat down low
But they couldnt be ignored

One husky fella said
I think ill rip that hat right off yer head
That's when my friend turned around
And this is what he said

You'll ride a black tornado
Across the western sky
Rope an ol' Blue Northern
And milk it till its dry
Bulldog the Mississippi
And pin its ears down flat
Long before you take this CowBoys Hat!

Now partner, this ol' hats better left alone
See it used to be my daddy's
But last year he passed on
My nephew skinned the rattler that makes up this hat band
But back in 69', he died in Vietnam
This eagle feather was given to me by an old Indian friend of mine
Someone ran him down somewhere alone that Arizona line
And a real special lady gave me this Hatpin
But I don't know if ill ever see her again

Now if your leather jacket means to you what this hat means tome
Then we understand each other
And we'll just let it be
But if you still think it's funny
Man you got my back up against the wall
And if you touch my hat
Your gonna have to fight us all!

Right then I caught a little sadness in that Gang leaders eyes
He turned back to the others
And they all just kinda shuffled on outside
But when my friend turned back towards me
I noticed his ol' hat brim
Well, it was turned up
In a big ol Texas grin

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