I wish I had the strength inside to make you go away
I wish I was immune,
Ever since I met you drinking at the circle bar
I go where you will to keep from being ripped in two
I still smile when I think of 1986
You and me in that little room drunk on sex
And we'd fall asleep at every band we'd go to see
Easier to pass out than to deal with you and me alone
Sitting in the dark drunk hearing John Doe sing,
About poor little girls and silver wings
Yeah baby, something's got to give

Wish I knew why you're so intent on breaking me
You act like a bitch possessed, yeah a bitch possessed
I've had it up to here with your crazy ever-changing moods
I just take your worst, while you just take my best
I've had enough, I've had enough
Yeah, I need a break
You're always out screwing around
While I'm hammering on the neighbour's door
Hoping they'll turn the Led Zepplin down
Something's got to give,
something somewhere's got to give
Yeah baby, something's got to give
Yeah, I think I need a break
Want to break you from the inside out
That smug complacent smile is reason enough
I want to cut the ties that bind my life,
I want to break you in your prime

I wish I had in me the power to make you disappear
I wish I had control
I just want to walk away and never have to see or hear,
About you, all the things you say that I don't really want to know
Yeah, what you say, what you do, where you go
Everything I loved about you was just for show
Oh, baby, something's gotta give,
something somewhere's gotta give
Yeah, baby, something's gotta give
Yes, I think we need a break
I need to separate, I need to separate from you

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