We have been sleeping with the nights on
Just about every night
Cause we are afriad
Of what the dark might bring
I know I know
It's just a childish fear
It grows and grows wild in the middle of me
Going to get a new tattoo
Black and streching around my arm
Like a life that is
Visable and real
I know I know
Stupid and immiture
I just want to get shape to the face that twists inside
Both you and me
Breathing fire dosen't look good on a resume
Neither does anything else we do
Got to get ready for the real world
Yeah Yeah
Got to grow up
You know i'd like to die for awhile
Everyday in the afternoon
Like i left the arms of the bar
Wrap around me tight
I just want to sprawl in the front booth
With a drink above me head
Cross eyed and smiling as i watch the world go twisting by
I don't wanna die with you
Or live in the same dark room
I don't want to see the back of your hair in the morning light
I don't want to take this girl
All curls and big brown eyes
Man i can't shake the pain of wanting her needing her
I know the secret of your soul
And I don't want to know
Yeah Yeah man we got to grow up
Yeah we got to grow up

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