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Trust Fund


Trust Fund

I know a couple who were in love
Liven in the best of times
The world blew up
They would never know

All the pain they never realized
Sheltered from the world's every woe
Living happy and politically correct

Just buy it if you want it now
Just get it if you need it in your life
Now don't you worry if it all runs out
Don't worry cause it never will

I know a young girl living in the shadow of
The kind of live she could never make
She takes it all and gives it back in love
To all the artists in her native state
She is the angle of the disenchanted soul

Just give it if it makes you smile
Yeah just use it if you need in you life
Now don't you worry should it all run out
Don't worry cause it never will

Please don't tell me that it's all ok
I don't wanna here you tell me that it's ok
I don't wanna see you given like a little kid
I don't wanna here you talk about your cherry
No no no no no
Please don't tall me all about it woah
Please don't tell me I don't wanna hear all your lies
Lies lies lies
lies lies lies

I know a couple who was in love liven in the best of worlds

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