I woke up sweating in the sun
Sprawled across my big brothers grave
Shaking with drunk and sleep
I crawled to my feet, walked up into the shade
Of an young elm tree,
Must have been planted since the last we came
Vicki, My mom and me
Cleaned the dirt from the plaque that said his name
Walking to my girlfriends car
It came back down on me
I guess i fell to my knees
To keep from falling face first into the dream
A vision that it had
Twisting out of the after afternoon sky
I didn't know it then
But it was 13 years to the day he died
He held his hand in me
Like brothers we walk (we walked)
To the colorless of the world of a alcohol dream
I'd talked for hours
Trying to break through the silence that he held to me
Then he started away, turned his head, Keep it up so you can die like me
Yeah so you can die like me
Ever since my brother OD'd
I drifted all over from town to town to town
Every place i go It's always the same
I keep doing junk i keep going down
Yeah, my mother got religion
My sisters gave up
Man, I just gave up too
I just died inside
Don't want to die like George
Don't want to die like George
Everybody says there's things to see
Everybody's pointing their finger at me
I woke up driving after another black out
From another bad drug
I can't shake this hell that i made for myself
And every other life i took
I see my sisters son walk the ground I walked
He's only 16
If he don't learn from my mistakes
He's going to waste away
Going to die like me
He's going to die like me
He's going to die like me

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