Photo of the artist D-Sailors

Same Song On The Radio


Part of a time where distances don´t mean a thing
I am heading for an unknown future - uncertainty -
One second so close in the blink of an eye I'm so far away
I´m losing connection a thousand miles in one day

I´ll bring something home for you
That no one will ever take away from me
And you together again
With the same song on the radio

Playing it over and over again,
The same song on the radio
Till we swerve and we crash, without even hitting anything at all.

My records are playing the songs of the past
I'm humming along and making up new lyrics, baby!
This journey will shape me or take me to this foreign place where
Imagination becomes my destination

This trip is not about money, mileage or gas
This is about you and me
And you have the power to see
What determines our borders what´s the center of our love
Because you have listenend to it so many times before

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