I can´t believe the shallowness of human interaction he said.
Why do we protect ourselves from our own insecurities she said?
And I said I knew but I lied to keep up with expectations
Cause I felt it´s true but too hard to admit.

How can a love so great, turn so bad so suddenly he said.
Everything falls apart when we run out of passion she said.
And I said I understood but I was just thinking of times gone by.
And I was sure no love to gain when your believe doesn´t maintain.

Smile and the world will smile back at you he said.
I can´t survive on other people´s random sympathy she said.
And I said there is nothing we can do while I smiled.

Cause fate will guide us to our destination still unknown
Just live the best you can and try not to become like them
Keep your posture if you want or just break down and cry
It´s your life so find yourself behind what they say you should be
And what you pretend underneath the signals you send.

It´s your life! It´s your life!

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