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Because Of You

Dj Bobo

Angels of the night will fall
Because of you
Every night I hear them call
Because of you
You promised a life in ecstacy
Together for all time, eternally
Voices in my dreams are real
Because of you

Verse 1:
Every night, your standing there
Acting like you just don't care
And you're like a ghost without a shade
You don't need this masquerade

Don't give up, it's not to late
Passion's stronger, passion's straight
Don't give up, you've payed the price
Your hearts no longer cold as ice

Verse 2:
Now you're here, so close to me
I take my chance to set you free
Your love is my mission everyday
But you're a million miles away

Tonight, you would still be mine
If I could turn back time
Angels crying endlessly
Because of me

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