Photo of the artist Dominia

The Boy And The Priest


Young boy lost his parents in an accident
They were laying dead on bloody sand
He was distraught, nothing more to say
Loss and bitterness darkened his day

Poor boy watched his mother's death
Lonely boy heard his last father's breath
Angels were keeping silent over the hopeless
Angels were crying
The boy became faithless

Demons found him close to his dead parents
They were all laughing at this scene of violence
One of them was screaming blasphemous words
No God for you boy
We are your new Lords!

Souls of the parents defended their child
They shone a light, the demons went wild
Vomiting blood, satan went out
Came running down, made a terrible sound

After some days, the boy was in sorrow
Bitterly crying, dreading tomorrow
Small boy was blind, only could grow
Only could grow to his parents' gravestone
In his eyes beautiful mother
In his eyes powerful father
In his days, the sun's rising never
Nothing to cure the boy is blind forever
Your eyes shining, like sweet morning dew

Priest has always been listening to the boy
He was finding the right words to hold
To hold up the child and hold his hand

Priest spent much time with the boy
They talked about God and love
The boy's chosen to serve to God

God has you in his light now
My boy, you will be happy now
You'll understood the path you've found

Our God is a merciful father
Our lady mary mother
They love you all the day and night

My boy, tell me, do you love me like God?
My priest, I do, I love you as my dad

Now my boy, you feel my love?
You are my son and God is above
God loves you through me, my boy
Now you'll feel heavenly joy

Be happy boy, God loves you
Through my flesh, feel his love
My handsome boy, your dream came true
Your eyes shining, like sweet morning dew

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