Photo of the artist Dominia

The Daughter Of The Unforgiven


I went to Hell
My own desire
So curious to see the fire
To see the faces of the sinners
With the Devil’s daughter I'll have dinner

She met me naked at the gates
There was a beast which seemed so great
The wicked dog she held in chains
To ground rose up and called my name

I brought my own head for sacrifice
My soul is for sale, I’m paralyzed
Dark Father is blessing us ahead
My mind, my heart, my soul is His

My bride the Unforgiven’s daughter
Between her legs I swallow bloody water
She wears a coal-black dress for our wedding
I’m damned forever, and Death is nearby waiting

My bride
The dark child
I’m fallen, falling free
The Unforgiven me

I fell in love with the daughter of the Beast
And I became a real sinner, the fucking atheist
And all night long we had dirty sex in hell
We were fucking hot on a golden bed of nails

Dark night shrouds me in deep pain
My blood is flowing from my veins

I call my bride to help to stop the blood
My illusions shattered, a furious flood

Infernal girl looks for my passion
She likes to see how I’m dying, crashing
I wanna turn to God but I can not
My son is Antichrist, she is pregnant

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